#DrawAWookie by Mario Gonzales for #StarWarsDay 2016

Submission for #DrawAWookie 2016 illustration from Mario Gonzales @ GST Graphics! Mario as well shares with us the origin and story of this character concept;
"The image is based on the idea that the Wookies are environmentalists and have started an organization called The Arbor Wookie Warrior Front to save the trees that are an important part of the Wookies lives on their home planet of Kashyyyk.

The Wookies are forest creatures and make their homes in the trees so making them environment activists seemed a natural fit and also the level of urgency concerning our own environment gave it a connection from fantasy to reality.

I imagined if the Wookies did have a danger to their trees/environment and were actually doing this that this image/poster would be a graphic for promotion to raise awareness and get other Wookies involved. Also the Empire I think enslaved the Wookies at one point in the Star Wars time line so I imagine the Empire would destroy or exploit Kashyyyks natural resources any way they could this would also probably spark an underground resistance by the Wookies to save the trees and also free themselves."