GLITCH @ Thailand Toy Expo + Q&A With Bryan Lie

Featured here are snaps of what awesomeness GLITCH had on display at the recent Thailand Toy Expo 2016, and as well I bugged Bryan Lie (Co-Founder / Creative Director of GLITCH) to find out more about what was on-show, and upcoming plans for the Indonesian-based brand producing toys and comics! *And CLICK HERE for continued coverage of GLITCH #onTOYSREVIL!

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TOYSREVIL: What was on-show at the GLITCH Booth at Thailand Toy Expo? Who are the "new" character figures?

BRYAN LIE: "This year at TTE, we are showcasing our figures based on the Glitch prime comic titles that we are working on. The new characters are: God Complex' Susanoo (seen above), Dissonance's Ghaergos (seen below), and Bonehead's Bone Complex."

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TOYSREVIL: How was the response for GLITCH 1/6 at TTE? While there weren't any specific exclusives released, which figure do you think got the most attention from fans?

BRYAN LIE: "Well the reception towards our 1/6th scale has been quite constant year by year. Although I am seeing this shift of trend in the 1/6th figure collecting as a whole … Actually our new SD line (stole) the most attention based on our observation. People are really liking the cute stuff."

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TOYSREVIL: The chibi / Super-Deformed characters looked adorable! What are they actually called? What's the news on them now?

BRYAN LIE: "The SD line is called "Cillic" it's based on Indonesian word "cilik" that literally means little or small. We are currently on the production stage for these guys. The first wave are going to be available in Q3 2016. After that we are going to gauge the reception on them and prepare how to expand with the 3rd wave of this line. Yes I said 3rd as the second wave is currently being prepared."

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(Above: Bonehead's Bone Complex)

TOYSREVIL: Schweet! Retailer-friends out there better start hooking up with GLITCH (if you have not already :p) for availability! You guys released prints at TTE? What's the story on that?

BRYAN LIE: "Actually we did not release anything there. The prints are just giveaways for friends that have been supporting us through the years."

To my Thai friends. Thailand Toy Expo is happening again and I'm confident that The organizer will do a stellar job this year. However, due to personal reasons, I can only come and visit you for one day. I will come on Friday and fly back on Saturday. I will be around on Friday night so come and say hi if you spot me and signing session will be set up on 7th May 2016, Saturday from 11.00-14.00. During those times, I will give you free signed prints of my drawing and if you show me Bone Complex proof of order, I will give you both of the prints. I only bring 90pcs each with me. No worries though, my colleague and a talented God Complex artist, Isuardi @ijur will be around at the show and he has his own free prints to sign. Cheers guys! I can't wait to meet you in Bangkok. The show's gonna be bangin! @glitch @jeep_tumwattana @thailandtoyexpo #thailandtoyexpo #artprint #drawing #sketch #godcomplex #glitch #tsukuyomi #inari #samurai #katana

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TOYSREVIL: What's up next with GLITCH post-TTE? What figure(s) should fans look forward to? And where else will GLITCH (and yourself) turn up next?

BRYAN LIE: "Actually right now we at Glitch are juggling so many things at once. Between Glitch comics, Glitch Toys, our new headquarters, and Kosmik platform. So as for this year, we are currently taking a break from international convention after TTE to actually sit down and focus on developing our comic contents.

Last year we went to so many international cons and I found that it's very draining mentally. Which led to us not being exactly efficient with our comic production timeline. So we decided to take a step back, take a breather, and refocus our efforts. We will participate in some local cons because they are generally more relaxed for us."

TOYSREVIL: Cheers for the Q&A and time, Bryan! Can't wait to see what GLITCH has for us next!

(Above: Apollo design by @bryanlieart / Horus design by @ijur)