God Complex SUSANOO 1/6 by GLITCH Now On Pre-Order

WHO-IS: "As the carefree youngest brother of Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, Susanoo once caused a great destruction in an act of naive mischief. Earning the hatred of his sister and ignored by his brother, he descended to the midst of menfolk seeking for atonement.

His moment of redemption finally came when he encountered a league of eight ancient beings called the Orochi. After defeating them, Susanoo married a human girl whom he had saved from the league, and decided that his place was with the humans, not among the Rulers. Centuries after his human companion had died, Susanoo still swore to protect humanity, the tribe he came to love. Clutching his trusted Kusanagi sword tightly by his side, he braces for the resurgence of the Orochi…"

"Susanoo" also known as "The Lonely Storm" is of the "Ruler" race in the region of "Nippon", and having been on display at the recent Thailand Toy Expo 2016, GLITCH's "SUSANOO" 1/6th scale limited edition figure from their "God Complex" line, is now up for pre-order!

With a SRP of $$245.00 and a December-release schedule, you can purchase straight from GLITCH here, or check in with the following folks listed below. Any questions can be directed to: yolo@glitch-store.com.

Japan distribution: www.amiami.jp
Singapore distribution: www.simplytoys.com.sg
Malaysia distribution: www.primocollectibles.com
Hong Kong distribution: shop.gumsproductions.com
Thailand distribution: www.facebook.com/JPTOYS
Indonesia distribution: www.thedragonvault.com
China distribution: www.chaihezi.com

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Set Includes:
- 1 (one) Authentic Susanoo figure in 1/6th scale
- 3 (three) pairs of interchangeable hands
- 1 (one) set of Kusanagi rifle and Kusanagi twin blade
- 1 (one) GLITCH EDS (Exclusive Display System)
- 1 (one) certificate of authenticity