Panic Button by Emilio Subirá Releases May 20th

Emilio Subirá shares with us his latest character figures, dubbed; "PANIC BUTTON" - available to purchase on from May 20th at US$75 apiece, with 3 different colorways to choose from; "NES Style", "Arcade Mode", and "Blue Button". These polyurethane resin toy sculptures stand 13.5cm tall, and will come numbered and signed, *not limited.*

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]
"…everybody put your hands up in the air! He is scared?, I don't know, Maybe he is the guardian of a nuclear disaster... or maybe he is a self-destruction system... or maybe he is a weird metaphor of a clitoris... or... maybe he is just the party starter!! who knows..." - Emilio Subirá (IG @emilio_subira / Twitter @emiliosubira / Facebook)


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