Plastic Culture Jakarta Closes It's Doors After 8 Years

"It's true. Today is @plasticculture's last day at @grandindo shopping mall. For the past 8 years, we are happy to bring the best collection of designer toys to all #toylovers It's been a great journey, and we would like to thank everyone for loving #plasticculture"
Plastic Culture closes it's Grand Indonesia branch today, and Jakarta will have one less GO-TO venue for art toys.

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Fond milestone memories of being invited over to Jakarta for their Munny World Festival Indonesia extravaganza back in 2010 (pre-Stroke) and having the time of my life there amidst the people, artists and toys, and then again managed to visit their next-moved-locale when I was back there in 2013 for Star Wars Day Jakarta, but alas had missed visiting this currently location, which closes it's doors on the last day of May 2016.

It's online locale @ remains in operations, as do their satellite spots in Bandung, Bali and Surabaya.

Yes, a physical space might have closed, but my bestest wishes goes out to the awesome people who ran it, and everyone at Plastic Culture - for whatever they've got cooking up next!