#playingwith XXRAY (Justice League Wave 1) from Mighty Jaxx

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The first wave of releases in the Justice League XXRAY series from Mighty Jaxx featured BATMAN (#01), WONDER WOMAN (#02) and SUPERMAN (#03), and I've managed to have them in-hand, and they are pretty much a splendid collectible to be had!

They are clad in their "New 52" superhero uniforms, initially designed by Jim Lee, which featured more details in both Superman and Batman suits, and sans red-underwear on the outside for the Son of Krypton. Wonder Woman is the sole female in this group, and she welds a (non-removable) "accessory" = The "Lasso of Truth"! Would be uber-schweet it this was 'glittery gold' shiny tho LOL

Seeing the developments of the non-articulated 4-inch tall figurines, having seen them up-close now provided a slightly more enriching dimension to be had of the design - in this instance by well renowned "dissected"-specialist; Jason Freeny!

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And while the finishing might not be tip-top perfect, I can appreciate the design aesthetics made towards the manufacturing aspect of the pieces, in the very least to not have the joint-seams too visible.

My Superman suffered a slight uneven joint (at the neck area), but for it's price point and size, this is negligible.

Shown here are some snaps of the smartly-designed printed box it comes in, and as well in-hand video of the figures in my grubby mitts!

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The rest of the JUSTIC LEAGUE has since been solicited, with THE FLASH, AQUAMAN, GREEN LANTERN and CYBORG completing the "seven" in what looks to be a finite series, so it is definitely worth collecting - especially for folks worried about a "bottomless pit", and because it does not come in a "set", you can choose your fav character, if you so please!

And while the "Batman v Superman" feature film might not have garnered as many new fans, the Justice League-flag will still be flown high, with the subsequent 2-part JL films to come, so don't miss out when you have a chance, IMHO.

Besides the Pop!Vinyls from Funko, articulated action figures and 1/6th-scaled gorgeousness from Hot Toys, this XXRAY-series is a standout all on it's own, especially in it's "dissected" anatomy design (moreso than the "SD" / "Super Deformed" aspect of toy-genre), and as well it is a swell slice of "art toy" culture (by way of artists' name & brand association) mixed in with the mass license of DC Comics, for which this is a licensed release.

SRP is SG$$29.90 each, and while it is "Sold Out" on their xxray.com website, do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability.

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