THE NIGHT KING by Brandt Peters Drops May 6th

Teased earlier but now scheduled for an online release come May 6th, is Brandt Peters' THE NIGHT KING! In TWO colorway editions, no less!

This Stranger Factory Debut Release features HALF-DEAD (blue colorway / Edition of 310pcs) and CANDY CORN (Orange colorway / Edition of 265pcs) - each priced at only US$58 apiece.

*Do note that boxes will be signed by artist when purchased through or*

Produced and Manufactured by Cardboard Spaceship Toys (featuring 3D Modeling by Dennis Cornetta), the 8” Tall /203 mm (approx.) vinyl toy features articulated ball-joint bat wings, and comes with top hat accessory.

(Cheers for the headsup, Brad)


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