#throwbackthursday: Star Wars Galaxy Series 3 #tradingcards from TOPPS (1995)

Back in the mid-90s - in an innocent age before "toys" had gripped my lifeblood - I was quite a collecting-fiend for "trading cards", and I'd amassed a decent amount of titles, before I'd discovered "girls" (I am slow that way :p) and various other new shiny glittery addictions, while the hobby tapered off … but "disappear" the fruits of my hobby it did not, and I am currently in the (slow) process of revitalizing my hoard, for sales, and personal satisfaction :)

*Feel free to check out mycardshoppe.blogspot.sg for continued updates! Meanwhile, back to the post at hand;

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One of my collected genres (then) is perfect for a showcase this celebratory occasion (and as well a decent slice of #throwbackthursday to boot!): "Star Wars Galaxy Series 3"!

This set features reproductions of entirely new painted/drawn artwork from artists (with no film stills from any Star Wars "live-action" movies). Artists include Jae Lee, Arthur Adams, Dave Dorman, Kilian Plunkett, Joseph Campbell, Mitch O'Connell, Mike Avon Deming, Mark "Crash" McCreery, John K. Snyder and more.

Enjoy the videos featuring select card images:

Released by Topps in 1995, the card numbering from the main set starts at 276 (Title Card) and ends at 365 (Checklist / Info via), and I just so happen to have this listed for online sales HERE for US$50 per (excluding S&H) - featuring a hand-collated set of 90 basic cards, excluding chase/inserts and wrapper. Cards are in near-mint condition, sold "As-Is".

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