Buff Monster's Mister Melty Candle To Release June 23rd

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BUFF MONSTER PRESS: "Mister Melty is the iconic symbol and inhabitant of the Meltiverse. He stands tall, confident and optimistic; delightfully unconscious of his (and our) certain fate. I've made a variety of vinyl and resin toys of Mister Melty; this new larger edition has been over a year in the making. Firstly, he stands 5 inches tall (nearly twice the height of previous editions). Secondly, this is the first wax figure that I've done; finally Mister Melty will truly live up to his name!

Each candle is hand-cast in the USA, comes in a custom wood box (also made in the USA) and is accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity."

Mister Melty Candle by Buff Monster
Edition of 40 @ US$75.00 each
5” white wax, shredded paper, wood box

Available in store and online Thursday 6pm EST. The release party is 6-8pm, June 23 at The Shop The Shop at The Standard, 442 W 13th St, NYC). Please RSVP to theshop@standardhotel.com.