Is Mighty Jaxx making an XXRAY Injustice League?


After the Justice League XXRAY are released, WHO'S NEXT?

How about some "SUPER VILLAINS" to plague our heroes? Mighty Jaxx reveals a peek at sketches for JOKER and BLACK MANTA! Are we to be ready for the "Injustice League"? Stay connected on their Instagram and Twitter @mightyjaxx for updates!

In the "New 52" era (where the designs of Justice League were based on), during the Forever Evil storyline, "Lex Luthor forms the Injustice League with villains who resisted the Crime Syndicate in order to take them down." (Info source: Wikipedia). The villains include were; Lex Luthor (Founder), Bizarro, Black Adam, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Catwoman, Deathstroke, Sinestro.

But in order to match the heroes one-for-one, perhaps the roster of super-villains might be altered?

Bizarro/Armored Lex Luthor vs Superman
Joker vs Batman
???/Deathstroke vs Wonder Woman
Captain Cold vs The Flash
Black Manta vs Aquaman
Sinestro vs Green Lantern
??? vs Cyborg

I'd need to read the tradepaperback to find out more about the storyline tho... Coincidentally I borrowed this TPB at the local library just early this week too! Yay! :)

UPDATE: And "Deathstroke" completes the team for a Wave One release! Stay tuned for a look at the full rendered images soon! :)

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