MICROBUS - To The Medetail Island Edition by Aya Kakeda for Tomenosuke's 10th Anniversary - Releases June 29th

Tomenosuke introduces us to the latest MICROBUS by Kakeda Aya - with te glamourous looking "TO THE MEDETAI ISLAND" scheduled for a June 29th release at 11am JST via tomenosuke.bandec-japan.com (Orders from Japan here).

Priced at 12,800JPY (approx. US$125.00), this glorious trip is limited to only 30 units, and is sized 7 inch (180mm) long x 6 inch (155mm) tall.

"…Aya's Microbus is crucial and essential as the Toy of the 10th anniversary of Tomenosuke. The name is ”To the Medetai Island”--Medetai means celebration. It gleams richly with brilliant gold glitter. The face of each character is painted respective metallic color and blazing out colorfully. Each figure is on limited and has only 30 pieces as usual. You will be treated with freebies such as handmade badge by Aya, postcards, and so on. They will be released on June 29th 11:00am (it will be the luckiest day in the traditional lunar calendar in China and Japan) " (Tomenosuke-blog)

(Cheers for the headsup, Shinji!)


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