SALAMANDER D5 by Jeff Lamm x Paul Kaiju x Unbox Industries for June 25th Release Online!

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]

You might've seen images of this awesomeness on the @unboxindustries / @paulkaiju / @greasebat Instagram streams … and now prepare yourselves to snag them onion, for when they go ON SALE SATURDAY JUNE 25th via = Introducing SALAMANDER D5 BY JEFF LAMM & PAUL KAIJU!

SALE TIMES: 23:00pmBST / 15:00pm PDT / 18:00pm EDT

PRICED @ US$175.00 each
Paint Design: Paul Kaiju
SMD5 stands approximately 23cm tall.
Five points of articulation
Extra head included!
Packaging: Header card and polybag.
UNBOX PRESS: "When worlds collide..! Paul Kaiju's Salamander Joe has infected Jeff Lamm's SMD 5 & the results are awesome! Paul kindly oversaw the production details for this particular version, painstakingly preparing the paint master and approving all the details before Unbox passed the beast to Jeff Lamm for the thumbs up. "

(Looking awesomely epic, Dan! Great job all around!)


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