#SuckSalon: 1st Monthly Session featuring Tenacious Toys & Suckadelic Friday June 24th

TENACIOUS PRESS: "The fine folks at Suckadelic and Tenacious Toys cordially invite all avant-garde members of high society to a formal gathering which will henceforth be known as The Suck Salon.

This monthly gala will take place at the vaunted Suckadelic Sweatshop at 99 Canal Street in the up & coming "Chinatown" neighborhood of Manhattan. Scions of industry, scholars, debutantes and fashionistas will be in attendance. Libations will be consumed. Oddities, museum pieces, fine art and bric-a-brac will be bought and sold at the whim of those with the finest taste.

Attendance is required of all patrons of MyPlasticHeart, who will be summarily ejected from that fine venue at approximately 10pm upon the conclusion of the TOOFLY show."

TENACIOUS PRESS CONTINUED: "To find the Suck Salon, navigate the short promenade of Forsyth Street in a southerly direction. In 10 minutes, one will find oneself at Canal Street, where one will take a left. Ring buzzer #3C at 99 Canal Street.

When arriving at the red velvet rope of the Suck Salon, preference will be given to those with deep pockets. The hosts recommend arriving with gifts of ale, as well as large rolls of hard currency and stacks of charge cards. Your hosts remind you to stop at the deli downstairs to purchase libations."

Suckadelic Sweatshop
99 Canal Street #3C
New York, NY 10002

*Suck Salon Opens Friday June 24 at 9PM