"The Battlefield of Darkness Vol 2 - Da Rocking Priest - Anthony. H" from Devil Toys on pre-order now!

Devil Toys sends word of the release of their latest 1/6th-scaled figure; "Da Rocking Priest - Anthony. H" from "The Battlefield of Darkness Vol 2"!

Launched for pre-order on June 24 at www.deviltoys.com.hk, "Anthony" is priced at US$150 (HongKong/ Taiwan/ China)
or US$165 (International) - with priced inclusive of shipping (Paypal and Credit card payments accepted only). Limited to only 360pcs, this 12" figure will begin delivery in July.

Scroll down for more pics and product info, and as well you can check out THIS FACEBOOK ALBUM for more pics!

Figure comes with a real 1/6 Bible, baseball bat,
two cross necklace, and a special bracelet.

● A real 1/6 Bible,
● Baseball bat,
● Scarf,
● Accessories which include wallet, cross necklace x2,
bracelet X2, and
● Extra hands.

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STORY: "Da Rocking Priest Anthony. H, a Chinese-Japanese half-bleed, is the second member of the Hong Kong Gangster Group "B.O.D.", his philosophy is to use his fist to lead those lost sheep back to the road.
He used to be a leader of Bōsōzoku at the age of puberty, eventually found his redemption via religious belief after the death of his group member in an accident.

Now he works as a priest for a chapel in Sham Shui Po, a suburb in Hong Kong, to serve the community, and his hobby is to fix his motorcycle."
Interesting release, as it is based on their "original story" (of B.O.D.) rather than releasing what is/was the latest toy-trend in the realms of 1/6th-toys today = #RESPECT.

Characters from "The Battlefield of Darkness" story includes the first release of tattoo artist MAXX, and I cannot wait to see the lore expand!