Unboxing Rotofugi's Basement - Episode One

Amidst the current mass exodus (*possible over-exaggeration here) to podcasts-about-toys, and youtubed video-episodes-about-toys, up pops this gem of a video (series) that provides a slice of "toy-history" folks seem to not address enough of these days (IMHO, of course), as well a none-too-subtle but-ultimately-exciting sense of "discovery" - and in this particular instance - "re-discovery" of toys past!

AND, you might even have a chance to purchase them! Check out the montage image below from the first ep, and good luck in your toy-hunt(s), folks!

"I'm Whitney, I’m the Boss Lady here at Rotofugi. Kirby and I have had the store for nearly 12 years here in Chicago, and in that time we've accumulated quite a few items—and some of them are real treasures.

So we are going to go to the basement and We are going to sort through 12 years of Rotofugi and designer toy history together. I am going to open one box and a time and see what’s inside… I have literally no idea, its been 3 years since many of the boxes were put down there and we did not catalog them as they went in. So, we are both in for a surprise.

If you see something that you would like for your own collection please shoot us an email at heybosslady@rotofugi.com…. at the end of video there will be more specific instructions about how to do that.

Please note however, that not everything is for sale."
- shared Whitney Kerr for Rotofugi.