WOOTKOWSKI: Scott Wilkowski x Woot Bear Release Party on June 18th

EVENT PRESS: "Following Scott Wilkowski's debut solo show, we are here to celebrate his newest collaborative release with Woot Bear. Introducing WOOTKOWSKI: micro Woot Bear's infected counterpart, created and handmade by Scott, himself. Whether you are a long-time fan or newcomer, how can you resist the charm of Wootkowski?
Wilkowski will be in attendance June 18th 2016."

Content: Special Release featuring original character “Wootkowski”

- 10 Three-packs (1 Micro Wootkowski, 1 Infected Micro Wootkowski, 1 Woot Skeleton) $60
- 20 Two-packs (1 Infected Micro Wootkowski, 1 Woot Skeleton) $45
- (assorted) Infected Micro Wootkowski $30
- Wootkowski Robot Fighter - Event Exclusive, available in store only $40

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Infected Micro Wootkowski - $30 (assorted colors)
2-Pack Infected Micro Wootkowski + Skeleton - $45
3-Pack Micro Wootkowski + Infected Micro Wootkowski + Skeleton - $60
Wootkowski Robot Fighter - $40 (Event Exclusive)

Wootkowski : 6-18-16 : @wootbearbelly San Francisco I'll be there to sort out this battle!

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Instagram: @SW__._.__WS; @wootbearbelly
Website: http://wootbear.com/ + http://www.scottwilkowski.com/
Location: Woot Bear @ 1512 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117
Date & Time: Saturday JUNE 18th 6-9pm

(Thanks for the heasup, Jeff)