1/6 DESTINY WARLOCK by threeA Toys x Bungie


One cannot deny the awesome looking 1/6th-scaled video game licensed figures from threeA Toys (and for that matter, "threezero"), and they've announced the next / 2nd figure from Bungie's DESTINY game - with DESTINY WARLOCK now available to order on bambalandstore.com!

Both the 3A BAMBALAND STORE EXCLUSIVE EDITION (above-center) and RETAIL EXCLUSIVE EDITION (above-left) are priced at US$190 apiece (Price Includes Worldwide Shipping) estimated for a 2nd quarter 2017 ship-out.

UPDATED: The 3rd edition has been revealed to be the BUNGIE EXCLUSIVE (above-right) - available to pre-order here on BungieStore.com, also priced at US$190..00 each.

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3A TOYS PRESS: "Bungie and 3A proudly announce the highly anticipated DESTINY WARLOCK – the second figure in 3A’s 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure Series from the critically acclaimed game, DESTINY. The Warlocks are a class of Guardians able to harness arcane energies bestowed upon them by the Traveler’s Light, granting them the ability to weaponize their curiosity.

The Warlock comes in three exclusive editions – each edition comes complete with Ghost and are outfitted in shaders, armor, vestments, and an array of weaponry curated by 3A in collaboration with the development team at Bungie. These 1/6th scale collectible figures feature high level of detail and accuracy that will astonish players of Destiny.

The Warlock stands 12.6” (32cm) tall, comes fully articulated with expertly tailored fabric clothing, game accurate armor, and includes 2 additional interchangeable pairs of hands for increased pose-ability."
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