Adventure Time Finn the Human Soft Kriture available for pre-orders now!

"Finn is a handmade fan art squeaker plush toy from Adventure Time brought by Kriture. He is perfect addition to your arsenal of cute things."
And FINN is currently available on, with a pre-order date ending Saturday, July 16, 2016, at 7:00pm BST (GMT+1). Priced at US$76, there will only be 10pcs to be had!

"This toy is a repurpose of Finn the Human from Adventure Time recreated as a Kriture. This was done in 2013 with a great results, since then I've been contacted several times to open a slot for these again. Finn is approximately 4.7" (12cm) height, 3.15" (8cm) width.

The original character belongs to Adventure Time and is created by Pendleton Ward. I don't own the character but I will craft him to have the aesthetics of a Soft Kriture"
- shared Marcia from
Finn will travel will custom goodies:
- Unique signed designed package (custom illustrations too)
- A hanger on his head
- He squeaks if you squeeze him
- Rare rainbow fridge Magnet (only available in special editions!)
- A customised note card (in case you want to write a special note for someone)
- 2 specimen profile files, Finn and Soft Kriture
- A Sticker