Andrew Bell for #SDCC2016

Helming the "Dumbrella" Booth #1335 @ San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24), artist Andrew Bell will be offering folks a variety of goodies, including a slew of new pins and stickers (see the full line-up (here!), as well as the following TOYS!

- "Karoshi San: Area 51 Edition" (seen below) is priced at US$75 and limited to only 100pcs - available only at conventions. Each 7" tall figure will come with a little redacted death certificate..

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- Besides seeing the debut of, and being able to score Android Mini Collectible Series 06 (FYI: Series drops August for retailers), folks can score the "Summer 2016 edition “Bear Awareness” Android Mini Collectible" (US$15 - comes with 3″ figure + 1.5″ keychain + patch / MORE HERE).

"I’m happy to announce that we’ll have some of these beautiful 5″ hand-made solid wood Androids available to the public for the first time ever! Started in 2012 as a collaboration with Noli-Noli Handmade, these were previously only available as Google Executive gifts and impossible for the average collector to come by … Available for $120 each, packed in a muslin bag and custom kraft box, very limited quantities." - mentioned Andrew Bell (More)

(Thanks for the headsup, Andrew! Have an awesome Con!)