Artist List Revealed for Argonaut Resins’ #NYCC2016 Customs Jam

And the line-up for Argonaut Resins’ “Customs Jam” for the upcoming New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) is up! The blank resin custom Guest Artist list currently includes Angel Powell, Rich Page of UME Toys, Cash Cannon, Playful Gorilla, Lara Alvarez, Kay Love, Chauskoskis, Laura Budney, Calvin Grace, Kris Dulfer, and (very humbly) yours truly! There are still a few slots left opened tho, so I’d advise you folks to hit up Eric if you have not already!

Scroll down for more words from Argonaut Resins’ head-honcho; Eric Nocella Diaz (whom you can follow on Instagram @argonautresins and Twitter @ArgonautResins)!

"I had a lot of new resin releases last year for comic con that kept me busy to the last minute and I could not do the usual custom blank resin throw down. So this year we'll be at it again with some amazing returning artists from years past and some new ones and hopefully a few surprises as we go.

You can Google past comic cons or hit up the backlog on the Argonaut Resins blogsite to see all the other customs that were done before and everyone ever involved have ALWAYS brought their A game and I expect no less this time around.

There is no constricting theme for this customs jam so all the guest artists can do whatever they want and have fun with the project. All customs will be at the Argonaut Resins booth in The Block this year."
- shared Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins