BEARBRICKS (Series 32) by Medicom Toys: Saitama & Genos (from One-Punch Man) and Joker (from Suicide Squad)

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So GENOS from ONE-PUNCH MAN is one of the chase for BE@RBRICK Series 32! As is a "Harley Quinn" chase paired with "The Joker" from "Suicide Squad" (which I pulled loose, featured below), a Blue Elmo with a Red Elmo, and the Professor with Astroboy - these 100% BBs (sized 70mm tall) released by Medicom Toy on June 30th, are made available blind boxed, but collectors and retailers might be making them choosable but at various prices.

When I scored my pair from Ozzo Collections at China Square Central, they were way beyond the SRP, but heck did I care?! Snagged it FAST I did! Which is kinda "interesting" (for myself), as I've naught plonked down hardcash for BBs, like EVAH … but didn't blink when I saw these guys together … I guess I "like" OPM more than I imagined I would!

More pics / A Closer look at the OPM pair, with further impressions of the anointed sensei and his self-professed "apprentice" soon :)

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THE JOKER is the "Villain" BB in the 32nd series of BE@RBRICKS released by Medicom Toys just before the weekend, in tandem with their 20th anniversary celebrations. Based on his character design in the upcoming live-action SUICIDE SQUAD featured film, the Assortment Ratio is at 8.33%, so could be considered one of the "regular" 100%-sized BBs in this series … What is NOT "regular", is the HARLEY QUINN BB "chase" that pairs with The Joker! Just like the 400%-sized BBs.

And while I did not take a snap of the BB when I scored mine from Ozzo (I was too preoccupied and excited with the One-Punch Man x Genos pair instead LOL), featured below is a glance of Harley in the line-up of COMPLETE Series 32 BBs, and as well a snap of the Assortment Ratio for this series.

I have my eye out for the FLAG BB (because, "Singapore" flag!), and of course Korather's "Byron"!

Assortment Ratios for #bearbrick series 32 from #MedicomToy #toylife

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