Custom Art Toys for #ArtForHopes

"Art for Hopes" is a non profit organization that is based in Indonesia. The organization started from a hobby of collecting art pieces that comes in many forms such as toys and paintings." - goes the opening line of ART FOR HOPES for which the only existence I could find so far online is their Instagram @artforhopes of online. Will attempt to update + authenticate if more is revealed.

UPDATED: Both the blog and Facebook has been set up at and respectively.

Meanwhile, here's a look at a few folks who've done / am-currently-doing customs for the cause, including Paulus Hyu with Uamou, Ronald Thio, Mr Kum Kum with Uamou, and DavidTheKiller (whom I found the info of this event from)!

👁👁👁👁👁 #uamouxkum #uamou #vinyltoys

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Hanging there #uamou #bonesss #bonestudy #vinyltoys

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Upcoming collaboration with @uamou for @artforhopes #bonestudy #sketch #drawing #artforhopes #bonesss

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