'KINDREDS' by Martin Hsu for #SDCC2016 & Online Release

"The Protector and the Little One are inseparable. The ever faithful Protector keeps watch as the Little One plays in the sunshine and provides shelter when the weather turns foul. The two have a deep unspoken bond; without the other, neither can be whole."

“Kindreds” is a limited edition two piece resin sculpture by San Francisco based artist Martin Hsu. This first color edition is titled “Powder” and is limited to 50 (2-piece) sets worldwide. Sculpted by Roberto Maki and prototyped by Jian Shen,
"The two figures can be arranged in multiple ways. The Little One has been designed to sit comfortably atop the head of the Protector, play by its side or fit perfectly underneath the body of the larger figure."

“Kindreds” will be available at Martin Hsu’s Booth #4530 at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24) for US$150. As well there will be an online release, to help relieve "some of the craziness of preview night." There will be a 24 hr limited presale of a few pieces Tues July 19th 12pm PST just before SDCC via shop.powercore.io (*URL-Link goes live July 19th, 12pm PST).

"Hand cast in powder white resin, “Kindreds” stands 7 inches tall when arranged together and weighs two pounds with a polished stone-like finish. Each piece is signed by Martin Hsu
and comes with a unique PowerCore Certificate Card that identifies each piece as unique and original. The card unlocks collectors access to exclusive online content."
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