New Cuddlehard figures from turboPISTOLA

Daniel Smith AKA ‘turboPISTOLA’ shares with us new+snaps of 2 x Cuddlehard variants that are now available to purchase on Originally produced as part of October Toys' groundbreaking OMFG! series, turboPISTOLA'S Cuddlehard figure is available as:
Cuddlehard: Stealth edition 2" pvc mini figure (below-left) - "Featuring a matte black finish that magically changes to a smokey clear!! Watch him go into STEALTH MODE when different temperatures are applied!! A ton of fun in the car (hold him in front of the AC vent), in the sun or in water!! $3 each."
"Cuddlehard: Plasma edition Deep red 2" pvc mini figure (above-right) is the 28th color produced of this figure, only available here! $3 each."


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