#playingwith ANT-MAN COSBABY Set from Hot Toys

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First of all, I LOVED the ANT-MAN helmet in the live action Marvel movie! (Not so much the "swelled"-looking one in "Captain America: Civil War", but that's me…), so on a super-deformed figure, it only helps heighten the aesthetics ("Mecha" in SD most times look great, a far as I am concerned lol), and this set is splendid, including the villain "Yellowjacket"!

The "Blackout Version" seen at the back (available only in this 3-pcs box set, as is the Artist Mix series designed by TOUMA) is actually pretty neat - featuring matt black and blood red with a sheen = very cool, indeed!

I am quite besotted with this set actually - well done, #HotToy! You have made a Cosbaby-convert out of me with this Ant-Man set! My Cosbaby-Cherry had been popped!

Scroll down for a #playingwith video, more impressions and toy images, and as well individual images viewable HERE on my dedicated Facebook album!

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The shelf-price was SGD$60 (Regular SRP was SGD$65 methinks?) for this boxed-set of 3 figures, and I scored mine at China Square Central. Which works out to SGD$20 per figure, which in my personal opinion might be a tad on the "high"-side (I figured around $12-15 per would have kept my mouth shut lol), but alas that's the standard SRP to be had, if not more (on the secondary market?).

The thing is, these are not necessarily "numbered limited editions", but might be valued in terms of availability and scarcity (?). The Amazon-buy links I provided at the bottom of this post provides an indication, I suppose...

BACK to the figure itself = The bobble-head aspect did not bother me as much, and I've come to accept that this is apart of this figure line, so no use fighting it haha … another incarnation of the "Cosbaby" figure is smaller and DOES posses articulation, but the figure form has never and does not appeal to me (otherwise there'll have been a side-by-side comparison picture here innit? :p)


The current incarnation shown here features a great aesthetic proportion of a huge head, longer body (with not too big a belly, likened to a "child"), and short-short legs - all in a cartoon caricature style - and that appeals to me personally!

And while I've only seen and admired them in still product pictures I post on my blog(s), it feels "different" in-hand and in-font of me out of the box -well, at least for the Ant-Man set hahaha

The only "downside" is, the figures are pretty light in weight, and frankly was a chore trying to stand them upright on uneven surfaces … but on the "upside"? "Shelf-dives" might not prove "fatal", at least when it falls on your head? LOL


Truthfully, when finances are tight, I would not have even considered purchasing the figure(s) - but when I could afford them, I did not bulk as hard as I imagined I would have, actually ... On the other hand, even when comparing the licensed figures to, say, "Kidrobot licensed figures", they are not too far off in terms of "product value", are they? And by that I mean the material and finishing, not "artistic value", yeah?

Different toy-tastes, different style-preferences, and perhaps different collecting focus? I am just glad these choices exists for an eclectic collector such as myself, anyways :)

One aspect which I really appreciated here for these Ant-Man Cosbaby, were the paint-apps and quality finishes ... so maybe this justifies the price-tag, IMHO :)

Bottom line = while this is my FIRST Cosbaby(s), these will not be my LAST :)

Cheers and have a great toy-day!

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