#playingwith Bathing Duckie by Jason Freeny x 4D Master

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Received my BATHING DUCKIE and BALLOON DOG order yesterday (I'd nearly forgotten I'd purchased them when I blogged about them too LOL), and I was delighted with the Duckie, images and #playingwith video are featured here in this post today!

The figure itself is straight-up splendidly done (by 4D Master, who does all of Mr Freeny's anatomical kits), in smooth and clean ABS material with spot-on paint apps.

As seen from the video below, the Duckie opens up to reveal the yet again removable anatomical skeletons and innards! With both the Duckie and Balloon Dog, I love the concept that even with these seemingly inanimate objects, within them contain a pseudo-scientifical anatomy, since a hallmark of Mr Freeny's work, IMHO.

Schweet stuff indeed!

Given a chance (and further financial ability), I'd love to add to my humble collection, with Sticky Monster Lab's SML XXRAY on top of the list, followed by XXRAY Villains Wave 1, and possibly Anatomical Wabbit from Kidrobot? Would've scored some Colored Balloon Dogs tho, if I'd not jump the gun LOL

Well, one can only WISH, right? :)

One thing I did not appreciate, was that the box came delivered "smushed". And while they were casually wrapped in bubble-wrap, both boxes came housed in a plastic courier bag (not boxed).

The Balloon Dog-box was not mint, but acceptable, while the Bathing Duckie-box, well, you can see it in the pic and video.

The box did not bug me as much in the beginning, as I would be de-boxing it anyway, and hardly would make a difference, unless I intend to re-sell it, nicely M.I.B., yeah? But no, I did not appreciate paying for lack of care in packaging.

Luckily the figure within remain unscathed, thank goodness, innit? Imagine if the smush was further in, and affected the figure itself tho … *shugs*