Preview Night at #SDCC2016

And while I was spending the day grading students' assignments submissions in school, half the world away in San Diego, United States of America; the annual San Diego Comic Con 2016 roared thru "Preview Night" July 20th, and we've a few snaps to share (taken off my Instagram stream)! And to all my peeps both exhibiting and pounding the aisles = Happy Sales and Happy Hunting!

We have stuff! #sdcc2016 #mrscotttolleson #frankkozik #sofubi booth 5139

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Realizing Frank Kozik (WHAT HE IS BRINGING) is boothing right next to Scott Tolleson (WHAT HE IS BRINGING) at SDCC, is quite the duo-punch knockout of awesome goodness to be had! I know if ever I were there, I'd basically stop there and then and shopped til I popped!

Come and get it #sdcc2016 #kidrobot #dunny booth 5645

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Kidrobot booth #5645 all ready to rock the convention floor! Check out WHAT EXCLUSIVES & SIGNINGS they have, EXCLUSIVE TOYS, and I am gagging to see their collabo with SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, and cannot wait to unveil the ARCANE DIVINATION!

We ready! #dketoys #Sdcc #sdcc2016 #dealwithdov

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DKE Toys at Booth #5045 is loaded to bear with indie art toys galore (Don't Believe Me?), with some select collectibles already SOLD OUT on Preview Night! (See sign below). You'd do well to stay tend to Instagram @sarahjomarks for updates on availability, people!

Congratulations to the artists who had their goodies Sold Out!

#soldout @gregaronowitz @agentwednesday @artbot138

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We are ready for you #SDCC #SDCC2016 #Booth5250

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3D Retro is boothing right next to October Toys (check out for exclusive toys) … CLICK HERE to see what exclusives 3D Retro has for SDCC!

San Diego CC has begun. This is GIant Robot 1729 Year 22?! Or so for us. #sdcc2016 @deanobot

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to find out some of what GIANT ROBOT has for SDCC this year, including plush from Flat Bonnie!

SDCC Exclusive UGLYCORN OX (blue with yellow horn) and UGLYCORN (black with yellow horn) at Booth #3245, including Uglydoll x Sanrio plush!