Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink & Friends for #SDCC2016 (Booth 5248)

Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink will be bringing the toy-heat at this coming San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24), with a schweet selection of art toys t be had at Booth #5248!

As well there will be quite a number of them being released online via starting Wednesday, July 20 at 8pm Central Time! The prices will be slightly cheaper than the ones listed here (excluding tax), so check out for online prices!


Above-left: BLUE FIGGLE BITS by Chris Ryniak @ US$14 each - with 3 characters to choose from in editions of 200 each

Above-right: 3.5 inches tall TEQUILA SUNRISE SNYBORA by Chris Ryniak @ US$38 (tax included).

Bottom-left-right: Frank Kozik's 4" tall SMORKIN' MONGER JEROME in Chocolate and Strawberry, priced at US$17 (tax included). There are also the SMORKIN' MONGER CARAMEL DRIZZLE JEROME and SMORKIN' MONGER CHERRY DRIZZLE JEROME to be had for US$20 each (tax included).


Above-left-right: TOASTED MINI MARSHALL by 64 Colors @ US$11 each (tax included), available in two new versions! Each 2 inch tall Toasted Mini Marshall is hand toasted (painted) in Chicago.

Bottom-left-right: 3" tall SOGNO MARBLED UAMOU @ US$40 (tax included), with 25 pieces in the edition, while the SOGNO MARBLED BASTARDB is US$44 (tax included) and also limited to 25pcs.


Above-left/right: TENGALLON (2.5" tall) and PARABOLA (2.75" tall) from Chima Group will be available for US$40 (tax included) each design.

Bottom-left: SKATER CLOUD (aka Cloudy Style) from Fluffy House is priced at US$60 (tax included) and limited to 100pcs.

Bottom-right: Clear pink version of 3.5" tall CHUBBY TOUGH from Chris Bryan and Ainslie Sturko (aka Grumble Toys from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), priced at US$40 (tax included) and limited to just 10pcs.


THE CATS by Grumble Toy are 4" tall figures in two different styles, cast in resin and then individually hand painted. Priced at US$50 each, tax included.

Any pieces left unspoken for post-SDCC will be put up for online sales one week after SDCC.


"Best Happy Police Friends" by DG Zhou and ExWorks/SII each stand 4" tall and can be had for US$9 each (tax included).


One-off custom painted King Bop Dragons and Bop Dragons from Rumble Monsters, priced at US$195 each, along with an assortment of one-off versions of the newly released Baby Bop series priced at just $65 each (sales tax included).


4 x one-off hand-painted customs from Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co.
- Clear Eyezon (with guts) @ $435
- Kaiju Eyezon @ $350
- GID Dark Saikobi @ $375
- Mini Kaiju Tripus @ $135