Rotofugi’s Post-SDCC Sales & Message

Rotofugi’s Exclusives for #SDCC2016 are currently listed on for your procuring pleasures - including Toasted Mini Marshalls, Figgle Bits and Snybora (from Chris Ryniak), Smoking’ Monger Jeromes (from Frank Kozik), and Best Happy Police Friends … (I barely missed the Skater Cloud, now listed as SOLD OUT!)

Note that all customs by Grumble Toy, Jeremiah Ketner, Max Toy Company and Rumble Monsters have since been sold out! Congrats all around, folks!

As well here’s an excerpt of a message from Whitney & Kirby Kerr of Rotofugi, which describes their current business circumstances, and of the unfortunate realities of art toy retail …
"Hi there, Kirby and Whitney from Rotofugi here. We're writing today because we could really use your help.

We just celebrated our 12th anniversary as a business, but to be completely transparent with you, it's been quite bittersweet. On one hand, we're extremely proud of reaching this milestone, but the plain and simple fact is that we're just barely making it as a business…”
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"So why are we telling you this now? It's actually really simple. If you'd like to see us stick around, and you've had your eye on a toy or a piece of artwork, now would be a great time for you to buy it. We're not looking for a handout, but at the same time, we need your business now more than we ever have.

In addition to shopping on, we have also started listing toys from our personal collection on eBay (seller name: rotofugistore), so maybe you'll find something there you'd like to grab. Every little bit will help.

We have some concrete plans in place to offer more services and with a little luck, increase our revenue to a point of sustainability, but if we don't get over this immediate hurdle we may not be able to get that far.

Thanks and we hope you have a great rest of the week.

Whitney & Kirby Kerr

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