Sicklings (The Crystal Collection I) & “Guide to Black Twig Forest” Hardcover from Yosiell Lorenzo

"I'm releasing my new set of Sicklings that I'm calling The Crystal Collection I. Instead of doing multiples like I usually do, this time, I wanted to focus on one-offs and really put lots of detail to them. The majority of these Sicklings have some sort of crystal to them, whether its Amethyst, Quartz or Celestite." - shared Yosiell Lorenzo.
The Collection has since gone “live” on (from July 21st) and most of the pieces have been spoken for, with The Quartz Oracle and Blood Quartz Oracle available (at time of this post / see pics below). I’d recommend you folks to stay connected via his Instagram @yosiell, and not miss out on any further awesomeness!

"Along with this release, I've finally managed to get my Guide to Black Twig Forest made into a matte laminate hardcover. I updated a few of the pages and it still comes with a detailed map of the forest along with the explorers postcard. The hardcover book is 25.00 shipped (USA) $34.00 (international)."


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