Superhero Films & TV Shows @ #SDCC2016

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Without a doubt, the “Superhero” genre of films have but flooded the masses and pop culture has embraced them, “good” and “bad”, and at this year’s San Diego Comic Con 2016, celluloid and google-box superheroes were out in force!

Remembering the "old days" when I'd been gagging for my fave comic-book characters to be made "live-action", I personally am in perpetual "courtship-mode" with the state of the genre now, so I'm still some steps behind "superhero-fatigue", thanks :)

From (newly branded) MARVEL Studios came the second trailer for DOCTOR STRANGE (see below), a teaser for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol.2 and THOR RAGNAROK (both videos online in the future, maybe?), and reveals galore - including actress Brie Allison as “Captain Marvel”, and Star-Lord’s dad revealed to be EGO The Living Planet - personified by actor Kurt Russell in humanoid form.

In the DC Extended Universe corner, amidst the mixed-furore of Zack Snyder’s BvS (*hey, I liked it), comes a fury of awesomeness from Warner Bros that no doubt cemented their coolness for this year’s geek-con: trailers for JUSTIC LEAGUE, WONDER WOMAN and even a “remixed” SUICIDE SQUAD leaving folks agawk (*raises-hand-frantically*). I’ll leave the videos embedded below to speak for themselves, thanks :)

Wonder Woman SDCC Poster Doctor Strange SDCC2016

From the silver-screens to the google-box, DC’s characters in The CW revealed new seasons for ARROW (Season 5, with more “heroes” being introduced), THE FLASH (Season 3, with more villains introduced), and DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (Season 2, with “Legion of Doom” being introduced), while MARVEL Television (also a new branding) offered a teaser for LEGION and news that “Ghost Rider” will ben joining “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” … but remember, Marvel still has their Netflix crew to even the odds too! But I’m sure SUPERGIRL at The CW will be working hard to keep them at bay LOL