The DROPPLING's Wood Toys by Pepe Hiller Releases July 13

Releasing Wednesday July 13th 2016 (@ 10pm CEST / 4pm EST) via are DROPPLING's from Pepe Hiller, with these 3.5" Wood Toys each priced at US$110.00, and in a limited edition of only 18 pieces!
PRODUCT PRESS: "The DROPPLING's are crafted out of different swiss woods like cherrywood, wild service wood, beechwood and smoked oak wood. They all feature a hidden brass lock mechanism inside their body. With the help of a special key it's possible to turn their face in different directions. The legs of the figures are also separate pieces that can be shifted along a slot underneath the body. These features allows you to arrange your DROPPLING in multiple positions as the mood takes you."
PRESS CONTINUES: "The figures are finished with a few natural linseed oil coats and one layer of semi gloss bees wax on top to bring out the beautiful grain of the wood and to protect them. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist. The signature is iron branded and the serial numbers are embossed on their back." (Read more here)