Three Eyed Kaiju by Chris Pyrate x Third Eye Comics

From comics book artist Chris Pyrate x Third Eye Comics comes the THREE EYED KAIJU! This 6-inch tall polystone figure is limited to 200 pieces, and can currently be purchased online via for US$35.00.

PRESS: "Early June saw the release of a new collaboration between two comic book industry forces, Chris Pyrate (Image Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine , Bartkira & more) and Third Eye Comics (1 of the largest comics retailers & creator-owned, market supporters)."
PRESS CONTINUED: "The "Three Eyed Kaiju" first appeared on a t-shirt collaboration also designed by Chris Pyrate & released through Third Eye Comcs at Washington DC's Awesomcon 2014; but has since been recreated for 3 dimensional consumption.

While Third Eye Comics is a big supporter of the Designer-Toy community, selling all the major releases; this was the 1st time either Third Eye Comics or artist, Chris Pyrate, have produced a toy. The production & design was completely handled by Chris Pyrate & his studio/production company, AHUMANFLY.

The toy released at the Third Eye Comics sponsored convention, Awesomecon 2016 and immediately sold out of over 1/2 of the inventory … (the) polystone figure comes in a complete, 360 wraparound-imaged box also designed by Pyrate which serves as a diorama."