UME Toys’ Friday Drops: Hapy Hat, Dustin & Snarf!

Richard Page from shares with us a trio of upcoming releases - all of whom will be made available for preorders/orders via this coming Friday July 29th @ 9:00pm London Time, where you also the chance to own 2 unique one off sculptures!

HAPPY HAT: "Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do... Introducing the Happy Hat a resin piece inspired by Pharrell Williams and his iconic hat. This handmade collectable stands over 4 inches tall and comes complete with a UME BoomBox. Each unique piece will be signed and numbered on the base." (HERE for £65)
DUSTIN: "If you're a fan of the show Stranger Things this little chap is right for you. A one off tribute sculpture of Dustin my favourite from the show. He stands over 5 inches tall and comes with a display base. Wearing his signature cap and backpack he's ready for a monster hunt in the great Upside-Down." (HERE for £105)
SNARF: "Thunder, Thunder Thindercats! I've always loved this little guy and couldn't resist sculpting a custom one off tribute piece of him in the UME style. Sitting on his cute ass he measures in at just over 5 inches tall." (HERE for £105)