Weekly Pokemon Sightings on the WWW

Well, not exactly “weekly”, but it has a nice ring to it and I’ll keep going if I find any anyways, as i attempt to ride the Pokémon GO-wave (*cough*) … meanwhile, THIS WEEK IN POKEMON SIGHTINGS on the www!

I reposted a still image of this earlier in the week on my Facebook, and has since made its rounds around the www, from Polish artist and illustrator Paweł Kuczyński. Said still - aptly named “control” - is currently available as a print here on www.pictorem.com.

From Thailand’s Gang of Monster comes his 3D printed creation “MrFxxx” is the color and guise of Pikachu! And he looks gutter-glorious! Check out more snaps via Instagram @iartgraphy (Pics via)

Bulba Fett by Hello Dolly Pie Toys, with this Pokemon x Star Wars Boba Fett Mashup released circa #SDCC2016 and currently purchasable online here for US$50.00. Limited edition of 25, numbered. Hand cast, hand painted figure, mounted in blister on custom card back, sculpted by George Gaspar of October Toys.

I first posted this slice of animation over at #anim8te, with “Pokecaust Go!” made by Tom Hinchliffe and Don Greger AKA FLASHGITZ (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) shows you another “perspective” of the current “Pokemon Go”-craze!

And if you are wondering if the app has hit Singapore yet - the short answer is “NO”, while the long answer … is seen in the above “list”, created by the folks at wakeupSG! TOTALY fictitious and a “parody”, of course! RIGHT? … well, maybe… hopefully… right? :p