"a moment of sorrow" by ink_visuals for bearly, a custom toy show with strangecattoys

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San Francisco-based customiser ink visuals (IG @ink_visuals / Shop) shares with us images of a custom he had done, for Strangecat Toys’ “Bearly” group custom show - scheduled for a Sept 2nd display and sale. Titled “a moment of sorrow” - the custom is based off the holiday dia de los Muertos (an aesthetic seen in all of his custom work), and features hand painted/hand made inner altar with glow in the dark candles and food, as well as 100% Swarovski Crystals, to which the artist shares;
"…in all my customs you'll always find 3 Crystals in a row, the meaning to that a vary personal one that not to many know of but since this project is a deep one for me I'd like people to know the reasoning behind it. the 3 Crystals that I put in every custom represents the 3 people that were a big part of my life who have passed on, without those people molding me to be the person I am today and pushing me to do my art work is don't know where I would have been and thats why I dedicate all my pieces to them."

With the base platform being Luke Chueh's “Bear” head, this one-of-one edition piece will be priced at US$400.00. Check it out at the show, or online at strangecattoys.com thereafter.