Band of Doodlers’ Seven Deadly SINs (Strength In Numbers) Launches Tonight Aug 26th @ The Capitol Theatre

Seven Deadly SINs

Seven Deadly SINs (Strength In Numbers)” by local collective Band of Doodlers launch tonight August 26th (7pm) @ Basement 2 of The Capitol Theatre, Singapore, and we have another round to previews (to add to the previous previews), before you folks make your way down to the exhibition, which will be up for a month, open to the public!
WHAT-IS: "Seven Deadly SINs (Strength In Numbers) is a result of Band of Doodlers first mentorship programme. 70 up and coming talent in the illustration scene have reinterpreted the 7 sins under the guidance of 7 BOD mentors. The theme tells the story of how individual trespasses can get in the way of achieving our goals and aspirations." (Facebook Events)

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Above-left: "Vive La Bouffe" by ODUO (IG @go_deer)
Above-right: "Don't let it consume you" by Bleak illustration (IG @bleak_illustration)
Bottom-left artwork by Sam Tang (IG @asqueshons)
Bottom-right: "Within" by Ho Yin (IG @hyin.8)

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Above-left: by KH (IG @kenghengneo)
Above-right: Laura Vuorio (IG @lau18em)
Bottom-left: Artwork by Denise Yap (IG @deniseyap_)
Bottom-right: ”Slothism" by Jinglecandy (IG @jinglecandy)

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