Black Drove Resin and Vinyl Toy Show @ The Rosemont, Brooklyn, NY (Opens Aug 27)

MESSAGE FROM EMERGENCY DARKNESS SYSTEM: ”Presented by Bo Braden and Grizlli Atom, Black Drove is a first-of-its-kind vinyl and resin toy show that will take you on a compelling journey in Brooklyn, where a haunting dreamscape of art will await you!

Exhibiting works from over 40 vinyl and resin toy makers: Carloe Enriquez-Gonzalez, Zectron-Obsessed Panda, Secret Demon Services, Lab Monkey Number 9, Barley Human Art, Forces of Dorkness, Unbox Industries, Miscreation Toys, Retroband Toys, Blood Guts Toys, Deathcat Toys, Angry Beast, Choke Hazrd, Shirahama Toys, Bog x Squad, Awesome Toys, Grizlli Atom, Violence Toy, Purple Toys, Renone Labs, Suckadelic, Erik Jacobus, Leo Sofubi, Solo is Toys, Skullmark, Leeeeeetoy, Yokai Yu, Ghost Cave, Guumon, Luke Reich, Kear Jun, Slave One, EPSW, Etc Toys, Restless, Splurrt, TruTek, and More.

Black Drove will open at 6PM EST on August 27th. Featured works will be available by raffle or upon request. Black Drove goodie bags also available to the first 10 guests to register for the raffle. All purchases will be done via Paypal ONLY! Complimentary food and live music!”

Space 1974 @blackdrove edition. #blackdrove

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Close ups

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Red Death Black Eye Child. #barelyhumantoys #toxic #mutant #freak #blackdrove

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Hope you enjoyed the preview teasers above, and as well you can follow @blackdrove @grizlli_atom @boobotcher on Instagram, and on the Black Drove Facebook for more info and surprises! Please RSVP here!

Location: The Rosemont
63 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Time: Saturday August 27th, 2016