Black Mavis' KARRI & Artists Collaboration for Popcon Asia 2016

(Above image from IG @mirffu, of KARRI, sized alongside a 3-inch tall Jouwe)
Black Mavis will be debuting KARRI at the coming Popcorn Asia 2016 (Aug 12-14) as a 3-dimensional sculpt (previously blogged), as well featuring a customs showcase!

A total of 8 artists were invited to customise KARRI, including Tommy Chandra (@tommychandra), WD Willy (@wd.willy), Isa Indra Permana a.k.a. isapanicmonsta (@isapanicmonsta), Olderplus (@olderplus), Mirfak Prabowo a.k.a. Mirffu (@mirffu), Paulus Hyu (@paulushyu), Aufa Aqil Ghani (@aufaag), Linny Wibisono a.k.a. Ugagoo‎ (@ugagoo), and Jasmine H. Surkatty (@ladyvaderindo). The majority of the artists listed are 2D-practisioners, so it would be interesting to see how they tackle and interpret a 3-dimensional form, IMHO! :)

And while we await previews of WIPs, stay tuned to Instagram for updates, and head unto Booth G15 at the event itself for peeks!

KARRI will be displayed alongside customs for their other platform figure; ShockED. Black Mavis A Collaborative Work by @loredanzo @peterccung @wilieka.


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