Blown Back "Bubblegum" 3" Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem for Kidrobot’s #NYCC2016 Exclusive

Blown Back Bubblegum Josh Mayhem 1

Revealed as the 4th of Kidrobot NYCC-Preorders launched August 22nd - and subsequently shown as “Sold Out” - was the BLOWN BACK "BUBBLEGUM" 3" DUNNY SERIES by Josh Mayhem, who has been steadily providing KR with the awesomeness of his “blown” aesthetics!

Neither quantity nor price is currently shown on the sales page, here are some images reposted here for you gawking pleasures, and hope you guys do not have to pay too much for them in the secondary market :p

The other three exclusives are still available via :)

Blown Back Bubblegum Josh Mayhem 2
WHAT-IS: "Kidrobot & Josh Mayhem present the Blown Back “Bubblegum” 3” Custom Dunny Series. Exclusive to New York Comic Con, the Blown Back “Bubblegum” Custom Dunny Series features 30 3-inch blind boxed resin and acrylic painted vinyl Dunnys. This is the first Blown Back series and is exclusive New York Comic Con. Each piece is signed and numbered. Must pick up at NYCC Booth 502."


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