Bubi Au Yeung x FluffyHouse SILVER TREESON Drops Aug 20th and will bling up your toy collection!

Since the earlier featured teasers, Bubi Au Yeung’s SILVER TREESON has since been listed for online purchase via FluffyHouse! Limited to 500pcs worldwide, and priced at US$65.00 apiece (excluding shipping), THE SILVER TREESON is scheduled to launch August 20th @ 11pm H.K.time (with an end Aug ship-out).

Sized 5-inches tall and features the new Treeson sculpt from FluffyHouse (Treeson Line-up / TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015), this vinyl with silver plating figure includes movable arms, and a white tree branch (with a gold heart seen here), and I am admitted gagging for one! GAGGING WITH JOY, I SAY! LOL

"One day, Treeson was feeling lost and wandered in the forest, he was attracted by the sparkling light near the lake... He walked to the lake and tried to touch the other Treeson appeared in the silver lake.

Meanwhile, he heard someone told him that "Believe in Yourself, Shine like Silver" then the lake suddenly disappeared. Treeson thought it was like a dream."
*BTW, Treeson celebrates his 11th Birthday on Aug 20! Happy Birthday in advance, Treeson!