CACOOCA for Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con 2016 / #STGCC2016

CACOOCA returns to STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) this year, and will be offering up Pandas-galore at Artist Alley booth AA87, featuring a trio of self-design and self-produced hand-painted resin figures - starting with the above shown “PANDA MOTO”, zooming about with a box full’a baby pandas out back! Globally limited 300pcs, the figure was last seen in Thailand, and now Singapore’ll have a chance to snag yours!

Also keep a keen eye out for “DRUNK PANDA” (reminds me of thy drunken youth of abandon… sigh… :p) and his latest; “SURF PANDA”, and you’d do well to stay connected via Instagram @cacooca for any further updates! Maaaan, if ZOMBIE PANDAS ever makes it to Singapoooooore … the Red+White is perfect colorways son your flag! LOL

A photo posted by cacooca (@cacooca) on

A photo posted by cacooca (@cacooca) on


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