Copper Creeps Series 3 from Doktor A Drops Aug 21st

PRESS: "Series three of my Classic Monster inspired robot collectibles will be launching in a couple of weeks. Imhotep and The Wolfman are the two latest additions to the expanding line.

Available at launch will be the super limited "Mono" edition.”
(Seen above) ”Hand painted, signed and numbered by myself in a run of only 20 of each character. And the open edition "Metal" editions in cold-cast Bronze and Pewter. Each signed by myself.” (Teased below) Imhotep stands a slender 4" tall with the Wolfman at a chunky 2.75”.

The series will launch on Saturday the 21st of August in person at Creaturegeddon. The metal editions will be available online in my store the same day. The Mono editions will be added to the store after the event closes should any remain."
(Doctor A Newsletter)

You can find out all about Doctor A’s Copper Creeps, the existing series, news, work in progress reports and how to purchase at the shiny new website, which also teases the 4th series!