Custom COOKIES by Nebulon5 available now! New “Cookies” by Scott Tolleson?

From Michael Grey - better known to custom-toy aficionados as “Nebulon5” - shares with us his latest customs - currently available for purchase via, which you might really want to consider adding to your collection, instead of chomping down on them (But then again #ieattoys MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA)

The “Space Cake” Edition features metallic purple, pink and gold sprays, and is limited to 9 pieces, each priced at US$60.

The One-Off "regular" version, features metallic red and gold sprays with shaded and black highlights, as well priced at US$60.

(Cheers for the headsup, Michael)

And “NO”, if you were wonder if this was Scott’s Kookie No Good vinyl with DeKorner, it is NOT! The last we saw of this guy was a sketch (posted above) and named “Curtis Crumb” … but the torso and legs of this current COOKIE looks pretty much like PacoTaco made with Pobber Toys … So is this the first look at a NEW vinyl from Tolleson x Pobber?”

EXCITING either way, folks! Looks like Ima gonna need a new cookie-jar here, people!