DEATH SOLDIER (Clear Version) by ThrilledTGU Available Now!

”These soldiers can Control Freak animal … He was raised from the dead by "Cyanide King". He can only control "Mega Dead". Death Soldier those measures that are equivalent to the common man … Leave only the skull of them … Build a wrong turn away from the man … And never die …”

Sounds like the last desperate recording broadcast of a faded generation, and the figure from thrilledTGU of Thailand provides that added drama to the story, doesn’t it?

The DEATH SOLDIER (Clear Version) stands 2.5 inches tall and limited to only 15pcs this hand-painted resin figure can currently be purchased online here for only US$20 apiece!

I’d missed out on the first release of the Death Soldier tho (see below pic), outlooks like there might be more versions to come too? GID? Nevertheless, the current version is utter epic! Need an ARMY of these on the shelf!

A photo posted by ThrilledTGU (@thrilledtgu) on

A photo posted by ThrilledTGU (@thrilledtgu) on

(Cheers for the heads, ThrilledTGU)


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