#fightlikeagirl with Kaol Porfírio

You know when folks taunt and tease you, saying in your face; ”You Fight Like A Girl!” - show them the artwork of Kaol Porfírio, and be triumphant in the knowledge you’d showed the other party before maybe getting beaten up the better of your artistic pop culture wiles! *cough*

Featuring an ongoing showcase of strong female characters portrayed on all pop culture media - from films, to television, to anime, to western animation - this is all about “GIRL POWER”!

Check out select still images featured below, and discover more on her kaolporfirio.tumblr.com and Facebook, and contact the self-professed ”Game developer, feminist, illustrator and frenetic gamer” at kaolporfirio@gmail.com :)

Fight Like A Girl 1
Fight Like A Girl 2

Source: Facebook


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