GAY EMPIRE "10th Anniversary" Edition figure from The Sucklord available now!

The Sucklord celebrates a decade of empirical bootleggery (and not being very “politically correct” :p) with “The GAY EMPIRE 10th Anniversary Homotrooper” - currently available to purchase online here for only US$42.00 apiece!

The GAY EMPIRE BOOTLEG Figure came out way back in 2005 (which I utterly missed getting, but managed to score a 2013 version :p), while THIS version comes with “gold” color accents (which I'm thinking "Midas Bukkake", of course I've a filthy-mind... :p), and has an all new roster of Stars on the "Back" of the blister card. Pretty “iconic” a Suckled figure to be had, methinks!
PRESS: "One Hand Cast, Hand Painted 3+3/4" Bootleg Resin Figure on an 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" Silkscreened Backer Card. Designed by Famous POP ARTIST THE SUPER SUCKLORD and Manufactured by outsourced Slave labor in California."
And while I do not post apparel newsery on TOYSREVIL these days, I’ll make an exception with THIS:

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