Kaiju Seafood Platter Collectibles from MAME MOYASHI

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MAGURO senpai 3

I was introduced to the works of “Mame Moyashi” by Mike @ Ozzo Collection, who had the above “MAGURO senpai” on pre-order (Est Sept release), and as well the next release dubbed MASTER THE GIANT CLAWS is currently on pre-order as well (do check in with your fav retailers for availability details, folks - list posted below), and I seriously cannot get enough of this deliciously looking collectible! Pun FULLY intended!

The concept and visual aesthetics is amazing, with stoic-looking fishes having their guts sashimi-ed? How awesome is that? And that “kaiju crustacean”? A thing of beauty, IMHO! Heck, I’d do a TOYSREVIL “SG-Chilli-Crab Edition” of this beast if I had the resources LOL

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mamemoyas retailers list

Produced by 豆もやし社長 - Mame Moyashi - who is made up 3 members; Producer Clinton Kenny, Designer Chino Lam, and Sculptor Seanjob - the brand might have been founded earlier in the year in February, but the combined experience and expertise of the members, can be confidently seen the product’s visuals, methinks!
I think toys should not be used for speculation or just to accommodate a new movie launch and forget the original meaning of is to bring people joy. We have members of different expertise in our new team such as, painting, sculpture and fantasy. I want to lead everyone to carry a playful mood, but with a professional approach to work. The result is the creation of this successful product. We hope in future when people see these dolls, or photos it will bring them happiness, this is our ambition.
Toy-collectors in Singapore to note: MAME MOYASHI will be attending this year’s Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) at Artist Alley Booth AA81, so keep a keen eye out!

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“MAGURO senpai” was introduced only in July (with pre-orders totally 1,000pcs), alongside it’s platter of fishy friends, and I look forward to having them in my humble little collection … including THIS STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) exclusive from Ozzo Collection! Dubbed “Kinmedai MAGURO senpai” - Hell, Singaporeans love us our sashimi-slices, don’t we? Stay tuned for further product details, people!

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