Muckys, Vincent & King Korpse from INSTINCTOY for #STGCC2016 Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con

- mini Muckey 6th color "Fantasmic Rainbow & 7th color "Crayon Rainbow" is priced at SGD$90 (6,500円).
- Vincent D.I.Y “Clear(MADE IN JAPAN)” will be priced t SGD$185 (13,500円).

I remembered last year, when the convention hall doors opened on the first day of STGCC, I’d dashed in (s quick as my Stroke-ass-gaunt could take me lol) and made a beeline to the INSTINCTOY booth, specifically for the Byron Liquid, and having stood in line of a small queue (and met Alympu from Indonesia too!), with only one customer standing in front me me, taking the very last allocated Byron Liquid , and immediately impacted my entire Con-experience … even until now, a year later, and I am still whining about it … I can’t help it! I told myself not allow myself to go thru such a sense of toy-disappointement ever again…

Fast forward a year later, for the coming Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), these are some of the goodies that INSTINCTOY has in store for fans at Booth AA73 & AA75 in Artist Alley!


Featured above is the Clear VINCENT, looking utterly yummy (Will update when there is further info), while featured below are the Mini Muckey Rainbow 2 Editions. And while my eye is on the KING KORPSE figure (designed by James Groman), folks’ll have to make do instead with the limited edition Silver and Bronze emblem “rings”!

Stay tuned to Twitter @INSTINCTOY and Instrgam @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo for no doubt more updates of products to come, which I hope includes Re-Ret, as T9G is an Invited Guest this year at STGCC :)

"These two rainbow colors were very popular color waves in the Muckey series. Now we have remade the same color waves with the mini Muckey. The size is smaller, and in addition, it comes with two teeth designs. Of course, the mini-sized Muckeys have a rainbow glow-in-the-dark effect, just like the general-sized rainbow Muckey. Other than these two, there are many more new releases that will be ready later this week. We will announce them in turn, so please look forward to them." - shared Hiroto Ohkubo.
King Korpse Rings