Pre-Orders Begins for Rato Kim’s MelonCat #BoxCat

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Rato Kim’s Box Cat - Summer special limited edition "MelonCat" (previously teased) is now opened for pre-orders! I’ve always liked Honeydew Melons nomnomnom lol

Sized w4 x h4.5 x d5, each MelonCat is priced at US$68 apiece (excluding shipping), interested folks are to email in to ** with the following details; Name / PayPal account / MelonCat number / Residential land / Address / Contact / Select Shipping - 1 [EMS] , 2 [Air Small Packet].

- EMS (3-7 days / Safe delivery)
- Air Small Packet (7-15 days / ”I shall not be liable even if not to make delivery).
- Asia US$10 / Others US$15

Payment to be via PAYPAL, with final orders ending August 1th. Product delivery fro September 5th, 2016.

"It's hot these days, isn't it? Introducing the brother of watermelon cat "Melon cat." Melon cat is very naughty and enjoys sticking his tongue out. Will you be a friend with me?"


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